Angrave Designs


A Bride's Fairytale - Wedding Gown Collection for 2010

We all do it from time to time. We day dream and imagine the world as a different place filled with fairies, vampires, and magic or what it would have been like to live centuries ago. As the modern media shifts more and more to include a wide variety of films and TV series in the fantasy genre, so too, our tastes change and we seek out the exotic in our lives. This is why, Sarah Poulter has decided to launch a collection in made to measure, fantasy bridal wear.

In June, Angrave Designs is set to launch its first fantasy collection, to be viewed by the public at several locations in the Midlands including the National Wedding Show, NEC. The collection includes historical and fantasy inspired garments and even boosts an eco friendly dress made from recycled fabrics.

"When creating my collection, I wanted to diversify the concept of the wedding dress. I wanted to offer my clients something more than a pretty dress in a different colour. I feel it is important to not be limited to one style. The bigger the challenge, the more exciting the project."

The Collection